Studi Deskriptif Mengenai Causality Orientations pada Anggota AIESEC di Indonesia

Gianti Gunawan, Annisa Krishnagandari Djakaria


This research was conducted to determine Causality orientationsto members of AIESEC Indonesia. This research uses descriptive method with survey techniques. The population target are members of AIESEC Indonesia which has been member for three years in AIESEC and the sum is 120 people. The measuring instrument was questionnaire prepared
by the GCOS deci&Ryan (deci &Ryan, 2000) and modified by researchers to refer to the theory of Self Determination. This measure is to capture the three aspects of the autonomy
orientation Causality orientation, control orientation, and the impersonal orientation. The most dominant of the three aspects of orientation is the Causality Orientation Autonomy
82.5%, followed by Causality orientation control 16.7% and impersonal orientation Causality 0.8%. High degree of autonomy whichh is influenced by autonomy needs, competence needs, and relatedness need ar eowned by members of AIESEC Indonesia are classified as strong when this three needs are met. Withall three needs are metthen It will support the intrinsic motivation that also means supporting the autonomous behavior.
Besides informingthe social contextof the environment that will maintain and even enhanceintrinsic motivation and it means to support autonomous behavior control environment which is the opposite. Based on the results of this study, the researchers propose suggestions to the board of AIESEC Indonesia to maintain and develop the situation and organizational conditions that support the autonomy orientation so as to improve the quality of its members. In this study one aspect that stands out the Causality orientation autonomy so
that researchers propose suggestions for further research on aspects of control and impersonal aspects with a more varied sample.

Keywords:!causality orientations, autonomy, control, the impersonal, orientation, need.


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