Kajian Studi Deskriptif mengenai Work Family Conflict pada Perawat Wanita Rawat Inap I Rumah Sakit X Bandung

Meilani Rohinsa Sitompul


This study aim stok now the description of Work Family Conflict (WFC) female nursesin patient hospital "X" Bandung. This researchusing descriptive method.The studywas conductedin a population of respondents who are married and have children.Total respondents for this study were 56 people.
Measuring instrumentused to measure WFC wasadapted from thescale-scale organized Carlson, Kacmar & Williams (2000). WFC pictureoutlined by the type and dimensions of the perceived direction of WFC.Measuring instrument consists of 30
statements drawn up to determine the WFC image on the respondents. Calculations how the validity of the pearson correlation for the validity of the items gauge the direction of WFC with work interference with family(WIF) ranged from 0,263 to 0,808, with the average 0,5355, while for the landing family interference with work (FIW) ranged from 0,088 to 07,77,with the average 0.4325.
The results showed that WFC experienced by 62.50% of respondents found that leads to the FIWWIF experienced while37.50% of respondents. Canbe concluded that
thedirection ofWIFisthe directionofWFC's most pressing perceived by the respondents. This means that research activities in the work place of ten interfere with the fulfillment of family responsibilities.Suggestions for other studies, conducted research that was developed through
a relationship with such factors as demand, support, and demographics of the sample of
individuals who have a spouse who works.Suggestions for the hospital"X" Bandung, especially the head area of nursing, can take advantage of these studies to determine the
direction of WFC experienced female nurses especially in patient room and provide treatment or prevention for nurses may increase job performance, one of which isthe
provision of facilities for nurses who want counseling, especially to prevent the negative outcome of work family confict.


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