Aspek Hukum Penataan Ruang Dalam Mendukung Pembangunan Infrastruktur Bisnis

Ocktavianus Hartono


Opening Act of 1945 fourth paragraph states that one of the goals of the Republic of Indonesia is the welfare of all Indonesian people. One way is to implement the welfare of the people in the field of business development and investment.Development in the areas
of Business and investment will absorb a lot of labor because the field of business and investment is not a field that can stand alone.Business development and investment will encourage other supporting factors that support the business activities and investment for development co-evolve along with the evolving business and investment in the country.
This means that by developing business and investment in a country, then by itself will open up employment opportunities in many other occupations that have a relationship with the world of business and investment, one of which is development in the field of business infrastructure such as road construction as a means of transport that supports business and also the construction of buildings and places needed to conduct business activities. However, infrastructure development undertaken in order to sustain current business and investment is often not without problems because development tends to have negative consequences, one of which is for the environment. Implementation of infrastructure development business requires a space or environment to accommodate such development. In big cities green space is often sacrificed to the conversion into the region woke up. This becomes a problem, because most of the green open land in major cities is now covered by roads, buildings and others. Development of business infrastructure regardless of the governance of space raises many problems for the area such as flooding, air pollution, fewer supplies of clean water, etc. However this is still
happening because of weak law enforcement for the parties to establish a violation of city zoning.
The purpose of this study was to determine, whether the best solution that can be applied in conducting the business of infrastructure development and investment for infrastructure
development are basically good and can improve people’s welfare, but the infrastructure is often poorly planned development that eventually led to many problems arise. That’s why the construction of this infrastructure must be planned and pay attention to the
governance of space. The role of the law here is a guide line to implement development because the law is a rule that must be complied with and implemented by everyone and there will be sanctions for noncompliance. The results of this study is expected to be a material consideration for the government in making policies especially those related to the field of development.
Key words: the state’s purpose, legal construction


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