Gugatan Sederhana sebagai Terobosan Mahkamah Agung dalam Menyelesaikan Penumpukan Perkara di Pengadilan dan Permasalahannya

Arman Tjoneng


Supreme Court Regulation Number 2 of 2015 on Procedure of Small Claim Court is a good step of Supreme Court to realize dispute settlement acoording to principle of fast, simple and light-cost. At first, this regulation enable people to settle their dispute faster than what previous regulation set, but in fact, since the establishment of this regulation in August 7, 2015, the benefit still not at full. This article examine the challenge or obstacle in implementing Supreme Court Regulation Number 2 of 2015. The result show that the reluctance of people to use small claim court mechanism is an obligation that claimer and defendant legally domiciled in same place. Single judge in small claim court also becomes the reason aside from it is not required to use this mechanism.

Keywords: cumulation of cases; small claim court; Supreme Court


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