Pengaruh Penggantian Material Bata Merah dengan Batako Terhadap Biaya Bangunan (Studi Kasus: Student Center ITENAS, Bandung)

Erwin Juniar, I Putu Widjaja Thomas Brunner


Cost and time have to be reduced in developing project. To reach efficiency, analysis is being conducted on choosing the right construction methods and materials. Using labors, the rights materials and project equipements efficiently could also reduce project's cost and time.

A research in comparing materials for non-structural walls without changing the function is conducted to offer and alternative solution to meet above needs. In this case the strengths and weaknesses of bricks and hollow bricks as a non-structural materials for wall, are being compared in regards of their impact on project cost.

A quantitative analysis will be provided to know the strength and weaknesses of the two materials which influences the cost of a construction project. This case study is conducted on the Student Center Building at the National Institute of Technology Bandung.


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