Perubahan Makna dan Persepsi Masyarakat di Kota Besar Terhadap Ruang Publik (Studi Kasus: Pusat Perbelanjaan di Kota Bandung)

Dewi Isma Aryani


City development, commercial function's growth and change of people lifestyle has affected the main function of shopping center. Just from the place for shopping has become to the place for fun, for socialize, until for an entertainment or recreation spot for several people.

The pleasant atmospheres, with competitive situation nowadays, of each shopping centers would attempt to attract consumers, that can be seen from its themes, atmospheres, also images from architecture and interior design elements.

This main aim of this research is to know further the types of shopping center, to learn the aesthetical aspects covering placement that affect the behaviour and lifestyle of the consumers. And all of the activities has included to the symptoms of culture, like J.J. Honigmann has said that there is three symptoms in culture that is idea, activity, and artifact (has taken from book "The World of Man").


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