Analisis Perubahan Fungsi Produk Budaya Tradisional dalam Penataan Interior Rumah Tinggal

Tiara Ishfiaty


The objectives of this study are (a)to identify the physical function as well as representation of functional changes that belongs to traditional goods inside interior design of Indonesian urban residences, (b) to identify the displacement meaning behind the form of traditional goods used in the residences.

Based on observation study in 1995 to 2001, there is a tendency of re-using traditional goods as supporting elements in our urban residences. The tendency was interesting because of there was transformations in meaning and function due to modern perspective while observing the traditional goods.

This research use social sciences strategy and visual analysis which contain displacement classification of physical function, representation, and also meanings which occur to these traditional goods in the modern designed residences. Physical function identifications have been done based on the visual elements, such as materials, structures, and how they are used. While representational function identified based on Charles Pierece's theory of triadic relation meaning and Charles Burnette's theory of product semantic.

The aim of this research is to find related pattern of functional transformations on traditional goods in modern-designed residences, which are (a) still remain its physical function, but has transformation in its meaning, (b) transformations of representational function into the physical function within the changes of meaning; (c) still remains its representational function but has transformation in its meaning.


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