Pelokalan Arsitektur Gereja di Indonesia (Studi Kasus: Gereja Maria Asumpta-Klaten Karya Y.B. Mangunwijaya)

Krismanto Kusbiantoro


Globalization is an inevitable phenomenon and put pressure in all aspect of human lives without exemption including architecture. Globalization according to Neisbit is a paradox phenomenon that shows the bigger the global pressure that happened, the stronger the local values developed. Among the globalization effect in Indonesia, there were several architects that concern about the local values,such as Macleine Pont, Schoemaker and Mangunwijaya. The issue of localization in the Catholic Church came up after the second Vatican Council with the concepts of Indonesianization. This particular process is a process of localizing which gave influenced to the architecture. The localization effort which was started by Maclaine Pont and Schoemaker was also found in the works of Mangunwijaya. Mangunwijaya tried his localizing effort in the context of place and culture in his works consciously. But the term of the context sugested by Mangunwijaya is more than just Javanese culture. It can clearly be identified from the process of localizing universal religious symbols and also the architecture expression compared to the surrounding buildings.


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