Sugiri Kustedja


´╗┐Historically, Braga street is identic with the Bandung city center. Known before as the best, high class shopping area; currently only fast motorized traffic from south to north dominantly passing through, causing crossing the street a dangerous effort. No more comfort and enjoyable city space. City icon is forgotten, 45% shops along it were closed. Those colonial style buildings are degrading. Gone are the days when people can relax by taking a walk and window shopping for the last Parisian haute couture, to see and to be seen (Bragaderen) along Braga as “Het meest Europeesche Winkelstraat van Indie”. Nowadays only nightlife activities bloom at the north end of Braga street.
Starting on the end of 2007, the new Aston hotel starts operating near the north part of Braga, together with a new hotel project at the south end. This situation is most favourable for city government to support these activities by taking part in the rejuvenation of the city center. By giving more attention to the people, who are the genuine owner of a city, the government can facilitate citizens with a nice open space. This can be done by changing the whole Braga area into a pedestrianize promenade. The area is restricted exclusively for pedestrians, with no more motorized traffic.
This effort should be well planned, set up to suit the tropical weather condition, while furnished with artistic city furnitures. A brand new architectural atmosphere; it will become a new major tourist destination as known before. The economic activity along the area will be rescucitated again after years of deep hibernation.
Keywords: gentrification, conservation, rehabilitation, preservation, pedestrian, shopping street, tropical architecture, colonial architecture, open space.


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