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Code river is one of river in Yogyakarta, which own strategic area, where is Code river through urbanarea that densely populated area. Monitoring was executed by Badan Pengendalian DampakLingkungan Daerah (BAPEDALDA) Yogyakarta, it is a river water quality monitoring, it hasn’t atwaste water resources quality. Therefore, necessary to research about waste water resources qualitymonitoring at Code river. The study area is located in alongside Code river, from Gondolayu bridgeuntil Mas Suharto bridge, river length thereabouts 2 km2, because the location own strategic areathrough urban area that densely populated area. Identification waste water resources which wasted toCode river, is 25 location at east side and 41 location at west side. Discharge activity asynchronous.In point 12 A, according to quantity and quality is greatest, it is communal canal from mansions atKota Baru area that densely populated area and its discharge activity continues. The result researchabout domestic waste water quantity is 5.44 L/s. At 66 location waste water resources, BODparameter less than limit of threshold value, so is still agree with domestic waste water qualitystandard. But in quantity monitoring is derived that the actual pollution load BOD parameter is 46.83kg/day more than maximum pollution load BOD parameter what is licensed, it is 25.80 kg/day. Sowaste water resources at study area have polluted Code river. Therefore, effort about pollution controlat Code river is necessary quality and quantity monitoring waste water resources incessantly andperiodic by the stakeholders in active.

Keywords: Domestic waste water, Waste water resources, Code river.


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