Analisa Kinerja Bundaran Menggunakan Metode Manual Kapasitas Jalan Indonesia (MKJI) (Studi Kasus: Bundaran Radin Inten Bandar Lampung)

Weka Indra Dharmawan, Devi Oktarina, Hanif Syahroni


Radin Inten roundabout is one of the important roundabout in the city of Bandar Lampun, which serves traffic from different directions, namely the traffic flow coming from Soekarno Hatta street and Z.A Pagar Alam street . The high volume of traffic that passes through the roundabout causing congestion or meeting a pretty solid vehicles from different directions. Roundabouts generally have a better survival rate than other types of intersection control . The purpose of this study was to determine the Level of Service ( LoS ), evaluate the performance of capacity and the feasibility of a roundabout. This research in a survey to obtain the facts - the facts of the symptoms that are known indicated and evaluated by doing examples in a manual the road capacity indonesia (MKJI) .The research value of the service level ( level of service ) tangle AB ( from Bakauheni to Tanjung Karang vice versa)is A with degree saturation of 0.4357, tangle BC (from Tanjung Karang to Kotabumi vice versa) is B with degree saturation of 0.6636 , while the fabric of CA (from Kotabumi to Bakauheni vice versa) is E with degree saturation of 0.9471. greatest congestion on the fabric of CA ( from North to East and vice versa ) due to the tangle of capacity can not serve existing traffic volumes .

Keywords : levels of service , capacity of the roundabout , degree of saturation


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