Makna Paskah

Gideon Wibawa


Easter Sunday lits the fifty-one other Sundays in our year; without Easter, man's life is aimless and useless! This is the spiritual value of Easter jor Christians. /n line with the discussion ofsuch valuesfor the Maranathapopulace as conducted by our brother Ir. Herianto Wibowo, M.Sc., allow me, on campus, to continue his efforts. In doing so, l propose to present different sermons by different pastors to persuade us to sprout Easter thoughts.

Easter celebrations are expected to be more jubilant and cherished by our university, but why do we tend to tone down the activities? Is it that Easter manages to convey, the awesomeness and sombreness of Jesus Christ's highest atonement for mankind? Indeed, Easter does proclaim the basic principles ofJesus' sacred mission and we are expected to show our reactions clearly.

This article is written in Indonesian so that it can be more widely understood and appreciated.

Penulis dengan sengaja mengetengahkan beberapa khotbah/renungan berikut yang disampaikan dengan semangat Paskah pada kesempatan yang berlainan oleh hamha-hamba Tuhan yang berlainan pula.


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